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Map and Zoom Performance Methodology for Microservices

Online Event

Tutorial Speakers: Harshad Sane and Kshitij Doshi (Intel) Abstract: Decomposition of monolithic applications into a collection of loosely coupled microservices simplifies solution architecture and accelerates deployment. By focusing optimization at a finer scope and by targeting each microservice independently, solution developers hope to simplify management of performance objectives. In practice however, microservice architecture gives rise […]

Performance Tracing, profiling, and Analysis of Microservices Software and Hardware

Online Event

Tutorial Speakers: Mrittika Ganguli and David Cohen (Intel) Abstract: As monolith software services are being redesigned as microservices for cloud and edge applications, multiple aspects of performance need to be being considered. Whether latencies, RPS, mpps and gbps be the KPIs, performance is divided between compute and IO stack designs of different stacks and the […]

OFI Libfabric

Online Event

Tutorial Speakers: Rajalaxmi Angadi and Juee Himalbhai Desai (Intel) Abstract: OpenFabrics Interfaces (OFI) is a framework focused on exporting fabric communication services to applications. OFI is best described as a collection of libraries and applications used to export fabric services. The key components of OFI are application interfaces, provider libraries, kernel services, daemons, and test […]