August, 23rd - 25th, Online Conference

Welcome to the 30th iteration of the IEEE Hot Interconnects symposium. HotI30 will be held virtually.

IEEE Hot Interconnects is the premier international forum for researchers and developers of state-of-the-art hardware and software architectures and implementations for interconnection networks of all scales, ranging from multi-core on-chip interconnects to those within systems clusters, and data centers. Leaders in industry and academia attend the conference to interact with individuals at the forefront of this field.

Our objective is to address the data center networking and the supercomputing communities. We hope you can join us and benefit not only from the content but also from the prime networking opportunities this event always offers.

2022 Hot Interconnect Papers on IEEE Micro

The authors of the best papers from the  2022 Hot Interconnects Conference were invited to submit their papers which will be published in the special Hot Interconnects March/April 2023 issue of IEEE Micro. They are available now as “Early Access”. 

  • D. D. Sharma, “Compute Express LinkTM (CXLTM): Enabling heterogeneous data-centric computing with heterogeneous memory hierarchy
  • A. Cascajo et al., “Monitoring InfiniBand networks to react efficiently to congestion
  • Y. Xin, W. Li, G. Xie, Y. Xu and Y. Wang, “A Parallel and Updatable Architecture for FPGA-Based Packet Classification With Large-Scale Rule Sets
  • K. Kandadi Suresh et al., “Network Assisted Non-Contiguous Transfers for GPU-Aware MPI Libraries” 

Additionally, the link to last year’s special issue of IEEE Micro (March/April 2022) can be seen here /stamp.jsp?isnumber=9743780