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August 21

Title: Connectivity for AI Everywhere: The Role of Chiplets


Chiplet technology is set to be a transformational paradigm. It offers compelling advantages in cost, time-to-market, and power consumption. AI has emerged as a primary catalyst for this trend because the only way to meet the accelerated demands of AI is by using chiplets.  By combining dense logic, memory, and high-speed connectivity chiplets, new silicon systems tailored to specific workloads can be created without starting from scratch each time.  As chiplet adoption increases, so do the bandwidth demands both within the package across die-to-die interfaces, and beyond the package. Low-latency inter-die communication is crucial for compute performance, and high-speed optical interconnects are vital for scaling AI clusters.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Tony Chan Carusone has taught and researched integrated circuits and systems for high-speed connectivity in industry and academia for over 20 years. He has been the Chief Technology Officer of Alphawave Semi since 2022 and a faculty member at the University of Toronto since completing his Ph.D. there in 2002.  He has well over 100 publications, including 11 award-winning best papers at leading conferences for work on chip-to-chip and optical communication, analog-to-digital conversion, and precise clock generation.  He also co-authored the latest editions of the classic textbooks “Analog Integrated Circuit Design” and “Microelectronic Circuits,” the best-selling engineering textbook of all time. Tony has also been a consultant to the semiconductor industry for over 20 years, working with both startups and some of the largest technology companies in the world.  He is a Fellow of the IEEE.